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Learning and accreditation of third languages

You can view the resources that the Catalan Government and the Catalan universities make available to help you improve your knowledge of foreign languages and accredit your proficiency, with the goal of fostering the internationalisation and adaptation of the university community to the European Higher Education Area.

The Board of the Inter-university Council of Catalonia, at its meeting held on 24 April 2015, approved the Agreement on the recognition of certificates and diplomas accrediting proficiency in foreign languages, published in the DOGC on 2 June 2015 (Resolution ECO/1134/2015, of 13 May). The Agreement includes a list of certificates and diplomas that accredit proficiency in a third language (English, French, German and Italian) with a level of B1 or above, in accordance with the European Council's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

This Agreement was amended and updated by the Board of the Inter-university Council of Catalonia (CIC) in a session on 14 December 2016 and published in the Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC) on 6 February 2017: Resolution EMC/122/2017, of 23 January, publishing the Agreement of the Board of the Inter-university Council of Catalonia, amending the Agreement of 24 April 2015 on the recognition of diplomas and certificates of proficiency in foreign languages.

The CLUC is a language certificate developed and issued by the 12 Catalan universities, approved by the Inter-university Council of Catalonia, accredited by ACLES (Association of Language Centres in Higher Education) and recognised by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE).

ACLES is the Association of Language Centres in Higher Education. Its purpose is to foster the learning and dissemination of various languages in higher education.

Update:  31.03.2017