Catalan: courses and certificates

You can view the Catalan courses that are organised in Catalonia and the various digital resources available for self-learning. You can also find information on how to obtain an official certificate in Catalan.

Learning and accreditation of third languages

You can view the resources available for improving knowledge of third languages and accrediting proficiency.

Languages at each university

The Catalan universities give language courses, award grants and discounts, organise examinations to obtain official certificates, and make available language resources, manuals and translation services, among others.

Language volunteers and exchanges

You can take part in language and cultural volunteer, exchange and induction programmes at your university.

Dictionaries and language resources

You can find the main dictionaries and terminology resources for university studies and research; the language and terminology consultation services; the linguistic criteria of the DGPL and the Catalan universities, and other information about translation, correction and interpreting.

University language plans

These plans define the Catalan universities' language policy goals and strategic framework.  

Catalan language institutions

A number of institutions promote Catalan in Catalonia and abroad.  

Further information can be found in other sections of the website