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The aim of these degrees is for students to obtain specialist third-cycle training intended to prepare the student for professional practice. They enable the student to acquire the skills and abilities necessary for obtaining a doctorate and for producing high-quality scientific research.


The characteristics of doctoral programmes and the variety of requirements and methods of training for research in each of the different branches of knowledge mean that a high degree of flexibility is advisable in the regulation of these studies.


To gain access to a doctoral programme, students must have a Spanish official bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent, and a university master’s degree and must have obtained a minimum of 300 ECTS credits over the course of their official university studies. Each university may also include specific bridging courses as admission criteria.


Doctoral programmes last for a maximum of three years, full time, from the admission of the PhD candidate to the programme to presentation of the thesis, or five years if the doctorate is studied on a part-time basis.