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University degree courses

1. Students having completed university courses.

These students must have the university degree completed outside of Spain officially recognised by presenting the necessary documentation at the Spanish Ministry of Education or at the Delegation of the Spanish Government in Catalonia (Barcelona).

The SARU (University Recognition Mentoring Service) also informs and advises on the procedures for the official recognition of foreign qualifications. For more information, visit the following link: http://benestar.gencat.cat/ca/ambits_tematics/immigracio/saru.

The university entrance mark can be requested from ANECA: http://notasmedias.aneca.es.

2. Students having begun university courses abroad (not completed).

Students who have started their university studies abroad and wish to continue them at a Catalan university must contact the university faculty or school offering the same (or similar) study programme as the one begun in order to carry out the partial subject validation process.

If 30 credits or more are validated/recognised, the centre can authorise enrolment directly.

If the result is the validation of fewer than 30 ECTS credits (between 1 and 29), the student must apply for university pre-enrolment, bearing in mind that this is only possible for the university that has validated the credits and where a university entrance mark of 5.000 has been awarded. The certificate of validation of credits issued by the university must be presented on pre-enrolment.

Update:  04.05.2015