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Knowledge Industry Programme

Knowledge Industry Programme


The aim of the Knowledge Industry Programme is to foster the development of new science-based spin-off companies, derived from the research carried out at universities and research centres, as part of the strategy to transfer the technology and knowledge generated in the academic and scientific sphere to the business sector.

This new programme will accompany prototyping projects from the initial phase until their placement on the market thanks to the mobilisation of funds of 30 million euros over 5 years. A training and mentoring programme is also included.











The Knowledge Industry Programme consists of three phases:

I. Llavor (Idea)

First Assessment Phase. Each year a call will be held to award 40 20,000-euro grants for the protection of knowledge and initial testing (pre-prototypes). The grant will include a training and mentoring programme, coordinated by UC Berkeley, following the structure of the US National Science Foundation’s programme to foster scientific entrepreneurship.

II. Product

Second Assessment Phase. Proof of concept. Each year, a call will be held to award 15 100,000-euro grants to create technology or product prototypes.

III. Market

Early-stage Capitalisation Phase. A series of Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF) loans, worth 2 million euros a year for five years, targeting start-up business activity and production, among others, will be offered. A committee comprising external individuals with accredited experience in business management will assess the projects. The Ministry of Business and Knowledge will set up a Guarantee Fund to cover partially the risk taken on, to make it easier to attain credit without having to give a guarantee. 

Calls for applications

The third call for the Llavor and Product stages was held on May 2018. 

The second call for the Market stage was held on 15th January 2018.

Please send any queries related to phases I and II of the programme to: informacio.agaur@gencat.cat.

For queries related to phase III, please send an email to: consultes@icf.cat

Update:  30.05.2018