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The library of the Secretary's Office of Universities and Research is a center of information specialized in universities and research. Its areas of speciality are the ones typical of the Secretary's Office. Therefore, it includes funds specialized in:

  • Universities: university policies, superior education, quality of the superior education (management of the quality, evaluation of programs, university centers and teaching staff), work insertion of the graduates and doctors, Catalan university system, directory of studies, scholarships and helps, infrastructures and university statistics, university relations and company.
  • Research, Development and Innovation: scientific policy, scientific communications and prizes, plans of research, centers of research, technological innovations, research and development, transfer from knowledge, intelectual property, patents.
  • Books of scientific divulging and novels of scientific subject matter or written by scientists.

The library has two units that they are:

Central Library of Universities and Research /services
Way Laietana, 2, 5th plant, 08003 Barcelona
Pellicle. 93 552 68 59
e-mail: biblioteca.sur@gencat.cat

Biblioteca SUR / AQU Catalonia

Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia
C. Vergós, 36-42, 08017 Barcelona
Pellicle. 93 268 89 50
Fax. 93 268 89 51.
e-mail: biblioteca@aqu.cat

From Monday to Friday of 8 to 15 hr.

All the staff of the Secretary's Office of Universities and Research and the staff in the service of the Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya. It is also open to the teachers and investigators, and other possible external users, through previous appointment.

Conditions of prèstec: You can consult the conditions of loan to the following link (CA).

The access to the room of consultation of the library will be made through telephonic previous appointment (tel. 93 552 68 59) or by electronic mail, in which you have to specify name and surnames and profile of user (student, professional or investigator) and the data to be able to contact yourselves.

The documental background of the Library can be accessed through two catalogs:


The library elaborated a tesaure of speciality formed by the terms employed in the indexing of the documents. In case the consultation interests you, you can make it to: biblioteca.sur@gencat.cat

Update:  08.06.2015