The Catalan university system comprises 12 universities: seven public universities, four private universities and one distance-learning university. Our universities are fundamental to the creation, transfer and dissemination of culture and scientific, humanistic, technical and professional knowledge and to the transfer of civic and social values characteristic of a democratic society.

In this context, the policies implemented in the field of universities are aimed at:

  • Developing a university model that chooses excellence and talent recruitment, through the internationalisation of the Catalan universities and the development of quality improvement plans that help them to fit in with European structures and position them as leaders on a global scale.
  • Increasing the use of third languages in university courses and mobility programmes to contribute to the internationalisation of the Catalan universities.
  • Increasing inter-university cooperation, based on the expertise and specialisation of each university, to make a combined offer of courses in those areas of strategic interest to the country, where an individualised offer would be insufficient to ensure efficiency and/or quality.
  • Consolidating an offer of official university programmes that meets young people’s expectations and society’s needs for knowledge, clearly directed at employability.
  • Increasing the employability and job prospects of graduates of bachelor’s and university master’s degree programmes by integrating entrepreneurship skills in training programmes, promoting industrial doctorates in companies and work placements of students in companies and institutions.  
  • Incorporating the Catalan language into every area of knowledge and contributing to the process of making the scientific, cultural and social use of Catalan standard.