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If, when filling out the pre-enrolment application on Accesnet, your academic details are retrieved and shown in green and black, are correct and you do not want to add any other university entrance pathway, then you do not need to provide any documentation.

However, if your academic details are not retrieved, or are incorrect, you will have to submit the original and a photocopy of documents for the course of study providing university admission at the University Admissions Office (Via Laietana, 2, 08003 Barcelona, tel. +34 93 223 03 23 / 93 223 25 91), or at any of its sub-offices Documentation can be submitted in person or by someone else, or via registered post before the pre-enrolment deadline. In the latter case, the original should not be sent and a certified photocopy should be sent instead. 

In the process of university pre-enrolment there are different assignments and reassignments of places. In each one of them the respective cutting notes of the different studies are published. The first three publications can be consulted in the link: Calendar of assignments and reassignments

The cutting notes can be consulted in: Note of cut and of university places

Yes. As of 2010 pre-enrolment, both groups are granted university admission based on the general quota for places and, therefore, the cut-off mark is the same. 

You can go to the University Admissions Office or any of its sub-officeswhere computers are provided for filling out the pre-enrolment application. You can also contact the University Admissions Office or any of its sub-offices by telephone to clear up any queries you might have.

You do not need to provide any documentation. You only have to provide documentation if you want to add another entrance pathway (for example, if you have studied a CFGS).

To recover your Accesnet code, you must go to https://accesnet.gencat.cat and request it by choosing the option to create a temporary password that will be sent to your email address. If you forget the email address you provided or it has changed, you must personally contact the University Admissions Office (Via Laietana, 2, 08003 Barcelona, tel. +34 93 223 03 23 / 93 223 25 91), Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 2 pm.

To change the preferences in your university pre-enrolment, before the deadline you must re-enter your pre-enrolment, with your national ID card (DNI) number and Accesnet code, at https://accesnet.gencat.cat. Once you have changed your preferences, you must save your pre-enrolment. Students must verify that pre-enrolment has been correctly completed and processed by the computer application and that they have printed out the pre-enrolment voucher.

For any changes to the preferences in their pre-enrolment after the deadline, students should go to the University Admissions Office or one of its sub-offices to fill in an application and indicate the requested changes. Please note that, as the deadline has passed, your requested changes may not be guaranteed, as they may affect other students who requested changes before the deadline. 

Yes, but keep in mind that the student sitting exam subjects of the specific phase that are associated with the branch of knowledge of the bachelor’s degree course that you wish to study will have those subjects weighted, which will raise their university entrance mark. Students who do not sit exam subjects associated with a branch of knowledge of a bachelor's degree will be admitted to university based on the general phase mark (university entrance mark). 

Students who want to enrol on a course that requires a personal aptitude test must first complete the pre-enrolment process and then register for the PAP. The student can print out the payment form sheet and go to any branch of “la Caixa” bank or visit the bank’s website to pay the fee. 

You should complete university pre-enrolment and submit the certificate of your degree marks and of the degree itself, or proof that it is pending issue, at the University Admissions Office. 

The cut-off mark is the lowest mark with which a student can gain admission to certain degree course through the place allocation process (university pre-enrolment). It depends on the relation between the number of places offered on the course and applicant demand, and there is not pre-established minimum.
For degree courses with greater demand than number of places, the last student admitted sets the cut-off mark.

As this process is based on supply and demand for each academic year, it is not possible to know what the cut-off mark will be beforehand, although cut-off marks from previous years may be consulted by way of example. 

You should submit your marks using the relevant form at the University Admissions Office or one of its sub-offices, together with a printout of the online pre-enrolment, completed within the established deadline. On the form you must indicate the reason for the documentation being submitted after the deadline has passed. 

3% of places on all university degree courses are reserved for students who are recognised as elite-level or high-performance sportspeople. 5% of the places are reserved for students of Physiotherapy, Primary School Education and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences courses, and these students are exempt from taking the personal aptitude test required by the last of the three. These students must still complete the pre-enrolment process by the established deadline, however. Elite-level sportspeople are those individuals who appear on the lists published before 15 June of the current year by the Catalan Sports Council in the Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC) and by the Higher Sports Council in the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE).
When submitting the documentation for the course of study providing university admission, these applicants must prove that they are elite-level sportspeople with a photocopy of the relevant BOE or the DOGC or that they are high-performance sportspeople with the appropriate certificate.

5% of all places are reserved for students with a recognised degree of disability of 33% or more. When completing the pre-enrolment process, these students must attach certification from the ICASS accrediting their level of disability to the documentation of the course of study providing university admission. University pre-enrolment must be done online.

The pre-enrolment process should be carried out directly for the university of your choice. A list of universities can be consulted on the website http://www.crue.org/UNIVERSIDADES/

To gain admission to a Catalan university you will have to obtain official recognition of your secondary school qualification (further information from the Spanish Ministry of Education or the Catalan Ministry of Education). Once you have obtained this recognition of qualification, you will be required to pass a university entrance exam (UNED). After passing the entrance exam, you will have to go through university pre-enrolment and submit the PAU card within the established deadline. 

In order to pre-enrol at a university, you must request accreditation from the Spanish Distance Learning University (UNED) granting university admission and submit it, along with the pre-enrolment form, within the established deadline. 

Students who have begun courses abroad should contact the university faculty or school where the same course is offered and carry out the procedure for the validation of subjects.
If 30 ECTS credits or more are validated, the university may authorise enrolment directly. If fewer than 30 ECTS credits are recognised, the student must complete the pre-enrolment process and can only request admission to the centre that has recognised their credits, and a mark of 5.000 will be given.

Students with more than one course of study providing admission to university may present them both. The place will be allocated according to the course of study that most favours them (based on the admission mark for the courses presented and the entrance pathway). 

Yes, the percentage of places reserved must be between 1% and 3%. In Catalonia it is 3%. 

Yes. Each degree course and centre must reserve at least 2% of all places for these students. In Catalonia it is 3%.

Yes, the percentage of places reserved must be between 1% and 3%. It is currently set at 1%. 

Update:  16.05.2014