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Government Plan

The Executive Council has approved the Government Plan for the 11th term, which constitutes the Executive's road map for achieving a more just country based on a new welfare state, with more and better employment and best practices that guarantee democratic regeneration. These are the three areas into which the plan is divided, with 20 areas of action and 750 executive, legislative and regulatory measures, along with a series of indicators that will enable transparent assessment of the achievement of the established objectives throughout the term of office.

The Government Plan is the strategic plan for the term of office which includes goals and major areas of action to be promoted by the Government, beyond its usual activity. It is a cross-cutting planning instrument for all ministries, which the Executive undertakes to implement during this term of office. The Government Plan for the 11th term is based on the Government Programme presented during the inaugural debate and incorporates the ‘Social Shock’ Plan backed by an absolute majority of the Catalan Parliament and developed in specific resolutions during the social emergency plenary session held in March.

In addition to being a planning element, it enables account to be rendered of the Government's actions, assessment of the fulfilment of commitments and guarantees transparency in relations with the public. In this respect, the Plan includes a series of indicators to assess fulfilment and the development of measures throughout the term of office. These are indicators of public access that enable the degree of fulfilment of Government action to be measured with the utmost transparency.

The document is divided into three areas with 79 goals and 750 executive, legislative and regulatory measures:

  • A more just country: a new welfare state for all
  • A country with more and better employment: an economy at the service of people
  • A country that implements best practices: citizens and democratic regeneration
Update:  16.09.2018