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Objectives and functions

The CIC, in accordance with its objectives, carries out its functionsboth in the institutional sphere and in regard to university students.

CIC objectives

1.    Coordinate the university system and advise theGovernment of Catalonia

  • Favour the coordination of the university system in all areasofaction and to promote new initiatives.
  • Ensure the participation of the universities on thecoordinationcommittees.
  • Advise the Government of Catalonia on university matters.

    2.    Organise the university entrance exams (PAU)

    • Inform on the characteristics of the PAU and other exams.
    • Guarantee fair, simultaneous and anonymous examinations thatassess academic merit.
    • Facilitate the taking of exams for those with disabilities.

      3.    Guide and organise university admission

      • Improve information and guidance services related to universitystudies and career opportunities.
      • Carry out a pre-enrolment and guidance process that istransparent in terms of university studies and career opportunities.
      • Improve access for those with disabilities.

        CIC functions in the institutional sphere

        •  Coordinate the Catalan university system
        •  Advise the Government of Catalonia on university matters
        •  Establish the criteria for drawing up universityprogramming
        •  Monitor university language policy
        •  Coordinate university research matters
        •  Coordinate university management matters
        •  Monitor gender relations in the university setting
        •  Issue a report prior to the creation or recognition ofuniversities by the Catalan Parliament
        •  Coordinate programmes to increase the mobility of academicand administrative and service staff at universities
        •  Promote inter-university training and mobility programmes
        •  Choose up to three members of the Board of Directors of theCatalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya) from amongthe rectors of private universities adhering to university programmingin Catalonia
        •  Promote and carry out international promotion actions atthe Catalan universities

        CIC functions in regard to university students

        •  Manage the university entrance exams (PAU), guaranteeingequal opportunities to the students sitting the exams, as well as thetransparency and objectivity of the process
        •  Manage, under commission from the Catalan universities, theuniversity pre-enrolment and guidance process for university admissions
        •  Coordinate the validation system and adopt the measuresnecessary to recognise credits and student mobility, both in Cataloniaand the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
        •  Coordinate the adoption by the universities of the toolsthat guarantee that students exercise their rights and obligations
        Update:  19.12.2012