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Brief history of the CIC

In 1977, the rectors of the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia set forth their commitment to collaboration in a document founding the Inter-university Council of Catalonia. This agreement among the highest representatives of what were then the only three Catalan universities still serves today as the cornerstone of the university commitment.

The commitment made in 1977 helped to continue down a road of dialogue and consensus that laid the foundation for the creation of the current Inter-university Council of Catalonia (CIC), recognised by the Law on University Coordination in 1984. The Inter-university Council of Catalonia has been working continuously since 14 May 1979, carrying out its task by the will of the universities themselves, even when the Catalan Government had no official authority in matters of university education.

The importance and role of this body has only grown over the years. In 1998 the Catalan Parliament approved a specific law governing the CIC's functions and assigned it new responsibilities, and, five years later, in 2003, Title 7 of the Law governing Catalan Universities redefined its role, updating its responsibilities and regulating its bodies.

Today, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the Catalan universities, the Inter-university Council of Catalonia provides the twelve institutions of higher learning in Catalonia with an important service. Basically, the CIC:

  • Manages and guarantees equality of opportunity in university admissions.
  • Establishes the criteria for drawing up university programming.
  • Promotes the internationalisation of our universities.

It is this international context that has become one of the callings of the Catalan university system, created to occupy a preeminent position, showing itself for what it truly is: a great university campus full of tradition and opportunities, one of the most advanced knowledge hubs in Europe

Update:  19.12.2012